A sparkling jewel hidden in Mt. Halla
A perfect space for an undisturbed, 
relaxing time

Forest (New wing)

A reflection and expression of Jeju’s nature

A thatched-roof, homelike structure that resembles Jeju’s pure nature

A luxurious interior that reinterprets the artistry of Korea’s old houses with a modern touch.

Experience the undisturbed, relaxing time in nature which Amber PureHill Hotels & Resorts offers in its thatched-roof accommodation.

Hill (New wing)

A vividly felt breath of Jeju’s greenery
A view of Jeju’s four seasons unfolding outside the window

Row houses that bring Jeju’s nature to life

A moment for healing while enjoying the vividly felt breath of Mt. Halla’s greenery, the warm sunshine, and Jeju’s four seasons outside the floor-to-ceiling windows and skylight. Experience an undisturbed, relaxing time in nature that the row-type facility of Amber PureHill Hotels & Resorts offers.

Green Valley (main)

A wide-open view of Jeju stretching endlessly from the highest point

An unconstrained, peaceful time in Jeju

Located at the highest point of Amber PureHill Hotels & Resorts, it offers a comfortable stay with a view of Jeju’s grasslands that helps you relax just by looking at them.

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