Time to return to a complete

and tranquil state of “purity”.

We offer a relaxing time

enjoyed with nature

where the light of Mt. Halla rests

in the state of perfect “purity”.

We designed Amber PureHill Hotels & Resorts to convey the cleanliness of Jeju’s natural environment.

To achieve this, we worked to create an elegant yet relaxing atmosphere without going against the unembellished beauty of nature, while capturing the locality of Jeju and the beauty of Korea in various parts of our facilities.

During eight years of preparation, we focused all our efforts on realizing the most optimal space for perfect-level relaxation, which involves the vivid greenery of Mt. Halla, a leisurely time spent in the natural surroundings with a panoramic view of the ocean, and the provision of unique experiences and differentiated services.

“AMBER” will shine just like the jewel of the same name

“Amber” will shine just like the jewel of the same name

in the natural settings of Jeju.

In the only large-scale recreational resort complex in Jeju’s unique “mid-mountainous” area over 500 meters above sea level, we offer a shelter for undisturbed rest where contemporary people can comfort and heal their tired minds and bodies, and at the same time, a recreational resort complex full of special experiences.

Start your special journey at Amber PureHill Hotels & Resorts, away from your daily routines. We will help create a valuable time full of new and enjoyable experiences and comfortable rest.

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