An open view that unfolds unobstructed, and an encounter with amazing moments beyond the transparent floor.

We invite you to have a special experience at the Pure Sky Pool, the largest of its kind.

3F, Community Hall

Operating Period

Regularly operating (on a staggered basis)

APR-OCT: 09:00 - 20:00
-> JUL-AUG: 09:00 - 21:00
NOV - MAR: 10:00 - 19:00
+82 64 801 3333

Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations

· Our swimming pool is a guest-only facility.

· Smoking is prohibited in all areas in and around the indoor and outdoor pools.

· Swimwear rental is not available.

· Bringing in food or drinks from outside the premises is not allowed, except for baby food.

· Infants aged 36 months or younger must wear waterproof diapers.

· Please take off shoes before using the facility and wear swimsuits or clothing made of swimsuit fabric before entering the pool.

· In accordance with the Enforcement Decree of the Public Health Control Act, children aged 48 months or older must use locker rooms corresponding to their gender.

· Taking pictures or filming videos for commercial gain and/or with the possibility of infringing upon the portrait rights of others is prohibited under the Personal Information Protection Act.

· Taking pictures or filming in the pools, locker rooms, shower rooms, and saunas is strictly prohibited by law. Even when outside these facilities, taking excessive photographs or filming to the extent that it disturbs other guests is also prohibited.

Safety Instructions

· Bringing in sharp or fragile objects made of metal, plastic, or glass is not allowed.

· We shall not be held responsible for any incident or injury that occurs during the use of our pools or saunas.

· Please make sure not to lose your personal belongings. We shall bear no liability for any loss or theft that occurs during the use of our facilities.

· Those less than 140cm tall and/or aged 13 years or younger must always wear a life jacket and be accompanied by a guardian to enter the pool.

· For the safety and comfort of all guests, bringing in personal swimming gear such as snorkeling equipment, beach balls, water guns, swim rings, or other water play equipment is not allowed.

· Those with infectious diseases, including but not limited to eye, skin, or respiratory diseases that may affect public health cannot use the swimming pools.

· Those who refuse requests for the safe use of facilities by our staff in charge of customer safety cannot use the facility.

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