“Amber”is the jewel that
symbolizes Amber Hotels & Resorts Group.

“Pure”represents the pure, transparent gemstone,
similar to morning dew.

“Hill”stands for Jeju’s Mt. Halla,
which shelters the greenery of the island’s clean nature.

A moment of tranquility filled only with the breath of the deep, pristine greenery.

A wave of calm ripples caused by clear, early morning dew on the tip of a leaf over a small pool transparently reflecting the sky.

Amber PureHill Hotels & Resorts was launched as a shelter for healing and rest in a setting of natural tranquility, cleanliness, peace, and wellness.

Time to return to the complete and tranquil state of “purity”.
Climb an oreum imbued with the mystery of ancient times and listen to the wisdom told by nature.
A story of starlight shining like an unembellished jewel.
The sounds of life that have endured eternity.
Inhale the breath of life for healing.
Around dawn, listen to the drip of the dew falling from the tip of a leaf.
The calm shape of the ripples resonates with my heart.

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